Since 2001, our barrels have found their place in the most highly regarded wineries.

Romanian manufacturer of barrels, from Transylvania, with a production of approximately 6.500 barrels/year. We invite you to find more details about us and our products on CATALOG.

Our Barrels are already present in Europe, United States of America, South Africa, North Africa and New Zealand

Our technology has the origin in a old and traditional barrel manufacturing from Transylvania. Our success is based on the mix of tradition and innovation.


2005 – TB Double Blend

In order to offer our customers a new solution in winemaking, we have experimented and made a new barrel – TB DOUBLE BLEND. Its manufacture consists in selecting narrow staves with a tight grain and a slow 5h burning.

2013 – Artisan Toast

The Artisan Toast is performed in the same way as all Transilvania Bois toasts, with dry oak wood.

The Artisan Toast stands out from the traditional toasting methods by the use of glowing oak embers, renewed several times to penetrate deeper (from 4 to 10mm) into the stave.

This very slow and low-temperature toasting enhances the wood’s vanillin flavor.

The advantages are: delicate, quiet and subtle woody notes, especially for the Allier and Jupille origin.

A second reuse of the barrel for wine storage offers 60% to 70% of the intake provided by a new barrel.

2014 – TB Blanc

An appropriate aging of the wood is crucial for the creation of an exceptional barrel.

This is how we managed to produce “TB BLANC”, a barrel destined for white wines.

A blend of discrete wood, which respects the fruit, the extra fine growth harmoniously tuned, a natural 36-month drying with a slow, light and adapted toasting, “TB BLANC” was designed to bring balance and elegance, satisfying the highest expectations of white wines.

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